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Getting Started with Ignite Platform

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

What is Ignite?

  • A low-code platform for admins to connect anything & everything

  • An alternative to expensive integration platforms

  • A rapid prototyping and production application development tool


Heroku, Low-Code Style

CG Ignite elevates the development experience on Heroku by allowing you to build applications in a low-code environment. Built on the popular Node-Red open source project, Cyber Group adds enterprise and mission critical functionality.

Easy Peasy OData Development

OData is a key requirement for any Salesforce Connect integration project. However, little technology exists to rapidly develop OData endpoints over your existing infrastructure. CG Ignite empowers the “low-code revolution” by seamlessly integrating with Salesforce with minimal effort.

Connect Anything & Everything

Harness the power of the Open Source community while enjoying mission-critical and enterprise features. CG Ignite is built to deliver tactical integrations and connected experiences on Salesforce. Professional services and support are available through Heroku Enterprise engagements.

Try Now On Heroku!

Click below button and Install. Heroku requires a Credit Card on file for verification purposes. The Ignite Platform uses "Free" resources within Heroku to start with. You will not be charged unless you explicitly purchase additional resources.

Heroku Deploy Button

Note: The Ignite Editor will not work without the Ignite Runtime app provided through the Heroku Button install.



With the right type of "Heroku Dyno" you can monitor your application using the Heroku App dashboard. Heroku Dev Center Article:

Application Logging

Heroku logs everything to their own log drain called "Logplex." You may view log transactions using the Heroku App dashboard. Heroku Dev Center Article:

Login Issues

If you launch the dashboard from the Add-ons menu the CG Ignite Editor will login using Heroku SSO. If you access the editor without first logging in to Heroku, you’ll land on an unauthorized page requesting that you login with Heroku.

Installation Issues

Clear your browser storage, and install the Runtime & Editor bundle using the “Deploy To Heroku” button


Any product related issues or product feedback is welcome at

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